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Q. My order cannot be processed

Here are a few points to consider before attempting to place your order again:

1. Our website is most compatible with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

2. There are issues surrounding the use of Microsoft packages on Macs, as Apple has stopped supporting Internet Explorer since the introduction of Safari. The website is not supported by Internet Explorer on a Mac. If this applies to you, upgrades to Safari or Firefox on the Mac will be needed.

3. Before attempting to place the order again, try deleting your cookies/caches on your device.

If you still cannot place your order, please do contact us.

So we can assist you efficiently, please do provide us with the following:

1. Date/time you attempted to place the order
2. a screenshot or note down the error message you are receiving
3. The browser you are using
4. The device you are attempting to place the order from

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