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Q. UNIQLO KAWS Collection - Please click here

KAWS x UT Collection is now sold out online! Please visit a store if you would still like to purchase from the collection, while stocks last. Please note, we are unable to give live updates on store stock volumes.

Purchasing limits

UT & Sweatshirts: A maximum of two pieces per design per person
Artbook: A maximum of one piece per person.

This applies to online and in store purchases.

What time will the KAWS collection be available to buy?

The KAWS collection will be available for purchase on the morning of 7th September 2023. The exact release timing on the launch date will not be disclosed. To receive a reminder or notification of the release, sign up for a reminder through our UNIQLO website here: KAWS x UT

KAWS in the Online Store

I cannot see the KAWS collection item I would like to buy.

Due to high demand and exclusivity of the KAWS Collection, once items are completely sold out, these items will no longer be visible on our websites. 

Unfortunately, the availability of this collection is only while stocks last.

KAWS in the Store

Which stores will have the KAWS Collection?

All stores will have the KAWS collection.

Please note that the KAWS kids products will only be available in selected UNIQLO stores with Kids collections.  

Store Locator

About the free KAWS stickers

How do I receive the KAWS stickers?

Stickers will not be available for purchase. You will receive 1 free sticker when you purchase 2 KAWS collection items (this includes the Artbook). A maximum of 3 stickers per customer. Available while stocks last.

Can I choose which KAWS stickers I receive?

The free stickers given, will be chosen at random.

About the KAWS Art Book

It is also possible to purchase the KAWS Art Book from Phaidon's website www.phaidon.com/store/art/kaws. Please note that you will only receive the free UNIQLO KAWS bag if you purchase the book directly from a UNIQLO store or UNIQLO.com. UNIQLO is not responsible for any purchase of the KAWS Art Book which was not purchased from a UNIQLO store or UNIQLO.com.

About the free KAWS bag

How do I receive the KAWS bag?

The bags will not be available for purchase. You will receive 1 free bag when you purchase the KAWS Artbook. You will not qualify to receive the free bag when purchasing any other item.

Returns & Exchanges

UTs and sweatshirts are subject to the standard UNIQLO returns policies. The stickers, bags and artbooks are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

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